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Web Design

web designWe understand business and the constant need to to keep up with technology. We capture the essence of your business and create a web design that reflects the look, feel and style you want to achieve within an eye-catching, user-friendly framework that grabs the visitors' attention - and keeps it.

About our CMS System

Ecommerce Websites

ecommerce website designOur Ecommerce platform is completely scalable and suitable for any business. Compatible with any device and with our easy-to-use customer / order / product management system, our Ecommerce websites are packed full of features designed to deliver a superb shopping experience.

Ecommerce Features

Dynamic Systems

web developmentTechnical web development is at the heart of everything we do. Our expertise and experience allows us to create bespoke systems to suit any requirement. Created with our world class website management system, an entire operation can be managed with ease.

Technical Web Development

User-Friendly & Compatible

Our websites are fully responsive, mobile friendly and compatible with any browser, platform or device - PC, laptop, TV, tablet or phone. With a responsive website viewed on a mobile device, there is no more need to zoom, shrink or pinch the screen. The layout automatically adjusts to your screen size and orientation.

During the past few years, the use of mobile devices has grown at 163% annually. Google's own research reported last year that just 15% of internet users are happy with their experience of the mobile web. More than 40% of people will choose an alternative search result if the first is not mobile-friendly. Google itself delivers different results for mobile and desktop searches. A responsive, mobile-friendly website contributes to the overall experience of a user and that fact alone is a major ranking factor.

Managing Content & Pages

We don't believe our clients should need a degree in IT in order to manage their websites. Our backoffice website admin system provides a comprehensive dashboard to provide you with one-click access to any of the management features, simply and intuitively. Adding and editing content and pages is made easy using our WYSIWYG page editor. Manage customer reviews and testimonials, add or edit FAQs, manage submitted enquiries and signed-up subscribers, update your address or phone number, set up social media links and icons, add pictures to your gallery....

Manage Products, Customers & Orders

Manage all your stock and product variations of size or colours in our Inventory management module. Add barcodes, SKUs, list products in multiple categories and subcategories. Add VAT to prices, increase all prices instantly, manage multiple shipping options, zones and costs. See all your customers and orders at a glance, archive completed orders, print invoices / packing slips, send despatch emails, update orders - all with one click. Create promotions and discount coupons or put items on sale at the click of a button....

And much more

Whatever features you need to include in your website and however you need to manage it, we make it happen.


Online sales in the UK reached an estimated £52.25 billion last year, with the average shopper spending £1,174 over the period. Mobile shopping has now almost reached the same level as desktop / laptop sales. The public expectations of an Ecommerce website have risen year on year. Most Ecommerce websites lose out on more than 50% of potential sales because they don't have an adequate search system onsite. The greatest percentage of orders abandoned by mobile users are said to be due to difficult-to-use cart and checkout pages. The greatest percentage of orders abandoned by desktop / laptop users is mostly down to slow loading pages.

In 2016, Ecommerce isn't just about the products and the price. It's about the whole shopping experience. Success depends on many factors - the speed of pages, the style, clear, authoritive product pages and images, graphic branding and calls to action, customer reviews, FAQs, ease of use, clear navigation and quick search options - amongst other things.

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If you have a document outlining what you're looking for, you can upload the file together with any comments or questions by clicking here. If you're not particularly comfortable with IT and unsure of what you need, you may prefer to telephone - in which case, please call Guy Somerville on 01332 720422. Otherwise, please complete the short enquiry form below.